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I had a sudden memory of a DC/Marvel mashup where they released Amalgam Comics. In this one Steve Rogers is made into a Super Solider with Kryptonian DNA. I want to go to Kits Beach and sit of a log and read.

There’s a definite sense of the clock ticking down.But let’s talk bicycle repair. I ran over something yesterday on the way home. I’m not sure where, but I remember hearing an unpleasant crunching. By the time I got home the front tire was heading toward flat. I pumped it up and you could hear the leak. I found it and rode over to the bike shop. They took the tire apart and inflated the tube and no leak. WTF? I found the spot on the tire where the air was coming out and I could stop it with my thumb. Nevermind. New inner tube and a better alignment of the tire.

At home, I learn the printer has decided not to work. In the mechanism that you can’t reach a spring had let go. Catherine of the Eagle Eyes found this. Is there any way into an HP printer? Uh, no. It was over ten years old so off we went and bought a new one. The rest of the evening was spent installing it and driver software on three machines.

So yes, I’m behind. I have a small cold that’s annoying. I have personal trainer homework and karate today. I hope to do it all and solve all my other problems.



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