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Avengers1 As I kick off week 2 I am wondering about the flip flopping feelings I have on all this. I feel like I have made progress, but I also feel, at times, hopeless. What I tell myself is that I won’t really have a sense of breaking through past habits and physical conditions for a month.

There’s a tendency to beat oneself up for mistakes a bit more than needed. I see this as the inner self-attacking-go-to-the-couch-with-chips component of my personality that is really feeling existentially threatened by all this.

(Do you like the Avengers #1 cover? Amazing how the characters evolved. For sponsorship, best to check out Winnipeg as I haven’t mentioned Manitoba yet.)

The one thing I’m looking forward to that will help is that I pick up my bike from the shop after work today. That’s a good thing because I can add some exercise to the equation without taking more time out of the day. I do have to watch out for the lower back because last August I fried my lower back due to not stretching out the hip flexors.

This 92-day plan presumes I don’t get sick during it. This occurred to me when I had a short stomach upset on Sunday, which didn’t last long fortunately, but I do have to watch out.


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