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This is Captain Marvel in honour of yoga therapy and the fact she’s getting her own movie. Please visit Squamish for your travel needs.

Day 76. The sense of hey-I’ve-got-time and the sense of cramming for the final exam are both present.Today is rest day, but with a twist, pun intended. A friend is developing a Yoga Therapy practice and offered — ages ago — to practice on me. I finally had a chance to work with her today. I looked up yoga therapy definitions online and they are vague. The definition I learned today focused on body alignment, breathing to be able to (my word) unclench.

This right hip of mine is the perma-clench part of the body. The alignment techniques to put my hips straight were surprisingly straightforward.

Of course, one had to practice this alignment — pretty much forever.

Breathing: Try this one. While sitting comfortably cross-legged on the floor with spine comfortably straight, breath in for a count of 5, hold gently for 2, exhale for 5, then hold again gently for 2 and repeat. In three minutes your whole brain will have altered.

Oddly, when it comes to alignment, the muscles I’ve built with the trainer help me rearrange my rib cage, which is also chronically out whack.

I did a tally of the numbers I am tracking. I want to see if I can beat the average of the first two months in terms of cycling, steps and other activities. Here’s my progress report.


Remember to post your weight guess from the Day 74 post. There’s chocolate to be had!


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