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This comic book cover I found looking for transformation comic book images. I realize I own these. My travel sites survived the server upgrade. Please visit Toronto to support them.

Yikes. In three weeks exactly I have my final personal trainer session at which point the last measurements taken. Then on the 28th I’m done this experiment.

I guess at this stage I’m wanting to be sure people who look at this entire process say “Whoa!” I don’t want people saying “Nice try” or “That was a lot of work for those results” or “why don’t people keep chinchillas as pets anymore?”

Vanity? I promised before and after pictures. I intend to keep that promise. I also intend to emit a psychotic scream shortly thereafter.

So, the plan? Try not to ruin the current plan.

1. Avoid knee pain. I have a personal trainer workout today and I realized I don’t give a crap about my legs except avoiding injury. Therefore the focus is core and upper body for maximum change.

2. Cycle as much as possible. This is the best calorie loss (I assume) given the amount of heat I generate. However, knee swelling on the right is associated with it.

3. Small cheats on food. I tend to weaken at 2 PM and 10 PM. I don’t mind this but it needs to be a little less. A handful, not a bowl-full.

The blood pressure is up a bit so I have to watch that.

Here goes! Another Monday started.


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