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The TV show Legends introduced a character from the Justice Society. I’m now curious. I say visit Fort Langley if you’re curious.

I know it’s Tuesday but it feels like a Monday. Not just because it’s the first day of work but because nothing had gone according to plan so far.I was to have a personal trainer session today, but that’s been moved to tomorrow because Victoria is ill. That’s OK; no big deal. The elevators in the building have gone mental. The “E” elevator seems to have some form of tremors and won’t go anywhere. “G” seems stuck doing all the work.

Plus I think my counting is all wrong. This is really week 10; I thought it was week 9. There’s only 1.5 weeks until June.

The food part of things went a little sideways last week. Cake will do that. So I needs must focus without anger. When people like me (who talk loudly in restaurants and make Monty Python references) become angry at themselves, the inner rebellious person says,

“Screw you, I know where M&Ms are, so don’t mess with me.”

Despite the plan going off, the plan is the plan. Oddly I can sneak in a yoga class at 1 PM that allows me to use up the last class on my 10-class-pass before it expires.

One has to take the small wins as they come.


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