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RedHulkThis is Red Hulk. Seemed appropriate. I suggest Galiano Island for chilling out. This one is going to be a bit of a rant.Yesterday, I saw Captain America Civil War. I enjoyed it.

Just before the movie, I walked over to the new Sport Chek store on Robson. I had a $15 gift card that I was given by a Sport Chek person while I was riding to work last week.

I have reduced so I need new gym shorts. However, if you want actual gym shorts — you know, cotton mid-thigh — Sport Chek is not the place.

Also, Nike’s sizing is for skinny bastards. Which means that the 2X is intended for anorexic swimsuit models.

I really, really, really should have been prepared when the person helping me find something was more slender than my right leg. Retailers really should train their staff to know that when they say “Gosh I’m not sure we have that size, I’ll have to check in the back,” it translates as “You are a total freak and should not be shopping here.” The individual in question was not at fault. The entire premise of the store is at fault.

So, the message for Sport Chek is: check (spelled correctly) my f___ing blog and see how much fitness work I do and ask yourself it it’s a good idea to communicate to me that I’m too much of a fat hog to shop at your stupid store.


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