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This is Deadshot of the Suicide Squad. He actually has no specific superpowers. I want him to vacation in Banff and visit my clients, when on holiday, not professionally!

So, on a beautiful Saturday, I contemplate how to maximize the effectiveness of this experience. I am faced with the realization that I probably started out way worse in terms of weight and fitness than I imagined. I had been doing karate, yoga and walking/cycling prior to this Mutant Diet, but it was enough to keep me from serious illness, but not enough for long term freedom from the medical system.The problem is to add more km on the bike, or mess with the diet more, will add more stress in terms of time management. I have a major technical problem to solve by June 1, which effects the main servers for Quokka Systems.

So I’m going to focus on that, maintain the fitness/diet status quo (which will change with a new trainer anyway) and then kick it up a notch in the last month. This will also give me time to determine which notch to boost up.

I took my bike in first thing this morning and the bike shop fixed the brakes and rear wheel alignment. Phew. A much nicer ride now.


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