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This is Enchantress from both Justice League Dark and Suicide Squad. Is she good or bad? For sponsorship, especially on Friday the 13th, it would be good to review this article about Stanley Park.

It’s Friday the 13th. Do you know where your black cat is?I had to take the bus today because my mountain bike’s rear wheel started rubbing the frame and making bad noises. But, in the end, the change up to having to walk home is probably good. I was super sore after yesterday’s efforts.

The big news for this process is that I’m changing Personal Trainers. Mary is moving to another gym and I can’t myself change gyms. I am very lucky that Victoria, another trainer at Steve Nash, is willing to take my case. While I was working out at the gym she and I had spoken and she was very encouraging. Amazingly, she had the same Monday noon time slot!

So, the experiment is being maintained. Victoria also has a kinesiology background so I’m sure she’ll have fun figuring out the mystery of my right hip and SI joint. I’m sad at losing Mary for this process, but relieved that I found someone who seems to get it.

There’s no evidence yet that anyone has tackled de-lardification in this manner.


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