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FortMacSuperheroes After a long absence, one of my ribs showed up. I know there are more ribs in there under the lard but I’m not sure how many I can dig out in the remaining 47 days.

As I approach the half way mark, I wonder what I’m halfway to. This is one of the downsides to hiding the data. But I don’t think I’ll know what a reasonable goal is until I’m done. My theory is that this will be the basis of further goals and refinements.

But that’s all a side show.

My blood pressure has been creeping up. Each time I take it the initial number is higher than before and takes a little longer to calm it down. And, after receiving news on a personal front, I took one of my pills this morning. I have zero regret because it’s the right thing. I think my system needs a little reminder.

Here’s where I want to go to lower my blood pressure. Please visit Ruckle Point Provincial Park on Salt Spring.


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