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flash It’s a nutty day. I did pass the Canadian Securities Exam by the skin of my teeth. I am very relieved. At least I’ve knocked one pressure off my list. As to dieting, the classic situation occurred. My body used lard that I added on the Easter Weekend to make the first three days feel simple. Then the cravings started at 2:30 yesterday.

I now have a bag of raisins in my desk at the ready. I can’t risk having to go to Urban Fare. Just too many easily edible things. I’m also finding the carb cravings at dinner time quite intense. However, not eating before bed is easier. Go figure.

The image of my log entries is below. For today’s sponsorship, I’ve decided to put a classic funny name from Newfoundland-Labroador on the site. Check out Woody Point.

Now to go to the gym and test out Mary’s homework.

Click the image for a bigger picture. I clearly have to work on my cursive writing.


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