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I’m sending Spider-man and Iceman to Fort McMurray. Please check out the post I have and donate if possible to the recovery.

Today is killer Thursday. Cycling to and from work. Mary Killer Homework. Double Karate. Followed by a healthy dose of white wine and ibuprofen. If I live.

When you’ve been battling the condition of — what’s the polite way of putting this? — being a lard bowl one tends to have very negative thoughts in the context of self-image.

What’s different this time is I have progress to show. So why can’t I have at least have a neutral view of self-image? Or, preferably, no view at all?

The habitual consumption of wheat, dairy, sugar and other treats is not the only habit I’m breaking.

No lack of surprises to be had. Blood pressure was a bit high but pulse at record lows. Huh??

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