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This is the Mad Thinker, a Fantastic Four villain. Here’s where I’d like to go to think: Halfmoon Bay – Sunshine Coast
It’s officially a calendar month since I started this journey.

How am I doing? No idea. Today I’m not riding the bike because I’m tired and short on sleep. Sucks, but I don’t want to get sick or injured. And yes I should go to be earlier.

I do have a plan to do the Killer Mary Homework at noon.

I do have some stats though:

As of this morning, after 31 days of the Mutant Diet, I have recorded these figures.

Steps 312,546
Km on the bike 148.4
Personal Training Sessions 5
Sessions at gym doing PT homework 11
Yoga Classes 7
Karate Classes 8


Announcement PostDay 1Previous PostNext Post