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This Spider-Man comic I own. It’s in storage somewhere. It reminds me of trips to the Silver Snail in Toronto.
Day 30. 62 days to go. I modified the daily sheet I write on to include blood pressure and heartrate. I include the best of three readings. It was higher than last night, but then Catherine reminded me we just signed all our tax documents and paid taxes. Good point.The Mary Killer Workout was yesterday. The previous week I was in need of Tylenol. This week I was surprised that we were finished; I thought we had more to go. Given I’d been lazy on the weekend and we’d moved the workout from Tuesday to Monday, I was a bit surprised. Mary assured me the workout was sufficiently intense.

You will see this week’s Mary Killer Homework below.

I am baffled by this whole process. Yesterday, however, I learned at the beginning why there was an air of polite skepticism from the Trainers at Steve Nash. Many of their clients who take out a membership and buy a set of personal training sessions never come into the gym except for the sessions.

I am an oddity that I’m doing the homework, which in my mind is another factor in making this process feel different and unpredictable.



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