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They should cool off in Whitehorse.

The answer to yesterday‘s trivia question is the Original Human Torch, who was invented by a scientist named Phineas Horton. You can see him in the first Captain America movie at the science fair where we first meet Howard Stark.Anyway, today I took the bike and can say that I was not as bashed last night after doing the two karate classes and Mary’s Killer Homework. I do have to repeat the homework today and all my muscles are still sore. So … we shall see.

In other news, the blood pressure seems to have stabilized at about 126/71, without meds for about 7 days now. It does spike up as high as 134/71 but simple breathing and relaxation brings it down.

My pulse was a strangely low 64 beats-per-minute pulse. My regular is about 72.

So, progress? Maybe But somehow I still feel like I won’t make a massive change in 66 days. What keeps me going is the question “what will the change be? When I’m logical about this, I realize I should have no expectations because I ain’t never done this before.


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