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The Vision is apparently on Team Iron Man.Trivia Question: in the Silver Age comics, what WWII era android’s body was refashioned by Ultron into the Vision? (Prizes available. Post answer in comments section.)
Today is a motivational challenge. I am tired. Lack of sleep, sore legs, etc. Yesterday’s yoga class was different because due to my increased strength I was trying harder. (I know, right? WTF was I thinking?)

Today’s wet weather said to me, “Hey, if you are going to do Mary Homework and double karate, maybe cycling as well might be too much. Like last week, when by the end of the night you were loopy.”

Bu the yoga class allowed me to twist in new ways and my right SI joint/hip area made new and exciting crunching noises that I had not previously heard. Hopefully this is a good sign.

But, how to stay motivated for another 67 days? It’s clear that, to make the radical changes I’m hoping for, I’ll need all 67 days.

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