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BackDeck Today I did not ride the bike. Partly weather. Partly because I have Mary Homework. But mostly due to the fact I was totally fried last night. Both mentally and physically. I describe this as pushing myself up to but not including injury.

(The Internet lets me find the best images. For awesome cottage decks try Parry Sound Cottage Country.)

I wrote this during an involuntary break at karate class:

As I sit in karate class, where I just slightly twisted my right knee and foot, I was remembering an analogy for what I’m doing to myself.

This is a three month process that makes me think of building a new deck. The first chunk of work is planning the new deck (fun work) and then demolishing the old deck (less fun; more splinters).

The second month is building the new deck.

The third month is all the finishing. Sanding, paint, weather proofing‎, decorating.

Then you can have a BBQ.

Right now on this Mutant Diet, I am midway through the demolition phase.

And my fried legs are proof.


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