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For sponsorship, try the ever changing moods of Ottawa. Mr. Mulcair might have some insight.

This is the start of Week 3.

Self-perception. I think I’m now 100% certain that anyone on a weight loss program has experienced this: no one notices the changes in your body that you’ve noticed. One does not do this kind of work simply, for example, to have the ability to sit more comfortably in economy class seats. People on a diet want people to notice that your lard no longer spills over the arm rests.

My wife decided to join in on the removal of wheat and packaged foods from her diet. In two weeks she noticed a loosening and some clothes were fitting better. She has added a 45-minute fast walk in the AM after school drop-off.

But no one sees this and the emotional component of being observed and recognized for doing good work is huge. The advice I give myself is that at the end of the first month, the change will start to be externally visible.

This also makes me glad the weight and other measurements are being hidden until the end. I really want to avoid the “I’m in agony from this effing diet and exercise and I only lost x pounds??”

The other message is to trust yourself. If you feel change in your body, who else is better to judge?


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