This email exchange was just had. I’m not sure why Star Trek references work for this mess, but they work for me.


I appreciate you keeping me in the loop. However, I really think that Mr. Fassbender should stay above the fray through his choice of words. For example, “another empty effort to give parents and teachers a false hope that there is a simple way to resolve the dispute” is highly emotionally charged and, frankly, rather un-ministerial. Perhaps “the material presented by the BCTF had too many preconditions and was not supported by sufficient documentation. I have sent a letter to Mr. Iker requesting further clarification, specifying specific deficiencies as well as the preconditions that should be omitted.”

I can only conclude that Mr. Fassbender is emotionally compromised. I urge the Premier to raise the bar on professionalism of communications by whatever means she sees fit.

Further, what is the exact meaning — numerically — of “affordability zone on wages and benefits”? This sounds like bafflegab and should be backed by specific numeric ranges for cost. If you have a top limit, you better fess up and tell us so we parents can tell the BCTF to do its job.

I am a father of two and feel that this strike is beyond offensive and I’m feeling very much like the BC Government is putting its emotional battle with the BCTF ahead of the education and well being of the children.

I am working hard to keep my cool, but as we enter week 2, I’m not confident the government of BC has the emotional intelligence to bring this strike to an end.

I am here for you to make recommendations and suggestions as a non partisan person.

Let me know how I can help.

– Rob.

On 9/7/2014 6:44 PM, OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX wrote:
> Thank you for your email. We have had a look at the BCTF proposal for binding arbitration, and the Minister has put out the following statement which includes a link to the assessment of the proposal by Peter Cameron – the BCPSEA lead negotiator:
> We will continue to encourage the BCTF to sit down with us at the bargaining table to bring resolution to this matter so children can get back to school; we understand how important this is for you, parents, teachers and students, as well as for our province – not only for today but for generations to come. Getting this dispute settled is important for all of us.
> Again, thank you for writing.
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> Make it so!
> Looks like the BCTF called for binding arbitration. For the love of all that’s holy, please go for it.
> – Rob.
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