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To Ms Clark, Mr. Fassbender and Mr. de Jong,

I am writing to say I am disgusted with the way you three have handled the teacher’s strike. The $40-a-day plan that was announced yesterday was so distressing that I had to write to you again.

Apart from the blatant practical issues with the plan (negative tax impact, cost of setting up a site, potential for fraud, utter lack of day care capacity, etc.), the plan sends the wrong signal. It tells me, and most of the parents I know, that you all personally perceive Education to be the same value as child-minding.

Parents want their kids educated. Child care during school hours is a natural side-effect of operating a school system.

It seems the three of you have such a hatred for the BCTF that you have lost sight of your responsibilities. I.e. provide Education for the children of BC. Perhaps the BCTF is the most annoying and difficult union in the province. However, don’t use the BCTF as an excuse for not getting the job done.

Stop messing around and do a deal. Negotiate, mediate, arbitrate or legislate. I don’t care how.

At this time I perceive you three as having no clue as to the value of Education.

Prove me wrong. By August 15.

Robert Ford
PAC Chair
Hudson Elementary