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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 71

These are Ultimates Avengers. Dawson Creek and Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. Go there for fun. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 71 Dinner at my friend’s place was really good. However, I won’t dwell on my dietary sins. Back on the wagon. The usual protein for breakfast. Small snack at 10:30. Plan for a clean lunch. It’s all happening. Does this ever end? Not really. Assuming one day I reach a stable size and shape that I can live with, I will then have to figure out what minor indulgences are allowed and then be permanently on whatever...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 70

I wonder if they’ll ever get the Fantastic Four right in movies? I wonder if Niagara Falls is still wet. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 70 Today the plan is to have dinner at a friend’s so indulgence will happen. Refocusing on Monday will be required. Lack of beating myself up is on the agenda. Sleep is tough. I was examining my own attitude and you’ll notice in action hero movies and literature that the protagonists are tough characters who can function without sleep and drinking lots. I think this may have permeated into the general attitude. It’s tough...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 69

This is a part of one old comic book cover! Alert Bay in on the list of out of the what BC locations I want to see. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 69 I wasn’t expecting this phase to turn into a nightmare. The challenge I set myself for 2500 calories and ultra low carb is not holding. It seems the moment I have the devil’s combo of fatigue and emotional distress – which can be as irrelevant as a disturbing news story – I hit the carbs like a squirrel to nuts. The paragraph above was interrupted by...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 68

I needed a heroic Justice League image. Last week I stayed at The Pinnacle in North Vancouver. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 68 People I know in Ontario are having some nausea issues today. In this context, I’m also seeing extreme responses to things that are different than people want to see them. In the diet/fitness context people are so married to their diet regime they can’t accept that someone else might have results with something else. This behaviour tends to lead to lashing out. For example, let’s say someone was successful with a low fat diet and I...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 67

Spider-man and Domino could work in a movie. Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver is worth it. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 67 I have evidence that there is no one weight loss system that works. The sheer number of weight loss programs is overwhelming. These I could pull out of my head without trying: South Beach, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Lo Carb, The Zone, Keto, intermittent fasting, Atkins, Grapefruit Diet, Mediterranean Diet, LA Weight Loss, Dr. Bernstein, Jenny Craig. The fact there are this many indicates that there is no clear-cut way to knock lard off your frame and...

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