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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 20

Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate. All bad versions of superheroes. Time to check out Huntsville, a cottage country capital. Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 20 So, a bit of a cheat arrived in advance of the cheat day. I woke with a nasty headache and was having a nightmare about helping a child who had been hit by a car. WTF? Coffee, scone, Tylenol and St. John’s Wort. Not necessarily in that order. I’m not going to let it be a complete blow though. I am only 10 days away from the end of this Phase and I don’t want...

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Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 19

I’m looking at alternate reality comics. This is Earth 14. Some people think Bobcaygeon is unreal. Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 19 The first of December is always a crazy day so if there are more errors than normal in this post, I apologize. I’m excited to have this year’s Christmas Story behind me. See Christmas with Hermes. I think this variant of the diet is working despite my use of chocolate almonds as a serotonin level management tool. Important motto: listen to your pants. I did Bulgarian bags for the first time since before the surgery and I...

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2017: Christmas with Hermes

Download the story as a PDF here. This year’s story was inspired by my son Tim, who is 9. Earlier this year he asked me to help him write a comic book series. He’s doing the drawings. His ideas for his comic books are wonderfully huge. To help him, I offered to write a back story that would help create boundaries around his comic book universe. The ending is therefore a big cliff hanger. The image of Hermes that comes with this story is by Tim. Christmas with Hermes By Robert Ford December 1, 2017   In Bulfinch’s Mythology, around...

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Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 18

This is an old cover talking about Earth X. We finished watching the Crossover last night. I’m in the middle of data updates for Collingwood Ontario. Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 18 I know that the change in diet is having an effect, but is it more effective than the normal low-in-refined-carbohydrates approach. I assure you I feel just as mentally distressed with no beef/no chicken/no coffee as I did with. Dieting is a fun a stapling your left butt cheek to a moving car. Nothing new there. If I had to guess, I’m still having withdrawal headaches from...

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Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 17

Firestorm is a character in the TV shows. He’s being attacked by evil toys. Seems appropriate for this time of year. I just updated the Coburg page. Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 17 I have anecdotal evidence that coffee as an appetite suppressant is a thing. Yesterday I had my normal routine of bacon and eggs and then had a 10:30 snack attack. I haven’t been hungry at that time of day in years. I tried to ignore it but as I came closer to my personal trainer appointment, I realized I was not going to make it. So...

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