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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 13

I saw Captain Marvel last night for the second time. Brie Larson is glad they changed up her costume in the comics. I am fighting for music in schools. Petition here. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 13 On I was hungry really early in the day. A half donut some satanic bastard had in the office was eaten; I’d hoped it would offset the cravings. By lunch, I wondered — as I walked to the gym — where I was going to find the energy to work out beyond walking up the stairs. Then I did a full high...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 12

The Thor/Hulk rivalry has gone on for a long time. Charlottetown is 6°. Winter seems slow to leave everywhere. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 12 My hunger kicked in a lot faster than I imagined this morning. Last night, it was brutal when I dropped off my son for an after school class. It was meditation time and trying to find a quiet corner was difficult. I picked a longer meditation and I think it took me to a better spot — for a few minutes anyway. The hunger though was rough, so I ate Starbucks egg bites which...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 11

I am very curious as to what Gamora will be doing in Avengers Endgame. Fort Nelson is only a few degrees cooler than Vancouver. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 11 I has a mistake where I did not bring my frozen chicken to work and after yoga class had to head to a food court. The problem of course is estimating this stuff. And going to the providers and inquiring is just too much. I don’t feel like I went too far off. The calorie count is suspiciously low. I’m wondering if dieting truly does lead to more talking-to-yourself-in-your-out-loud-voice....

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 10

Iron Man and The Hulk are big in the Avengers. I checked in on Fredericton. -1° and light snow. Ick. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 10 It with hesitation I tell you I lost 5.6 pounds in a week. Why the hesitation? Why not jump up and down for joy that, after 3 years, I found a diet/fitness combo that shows results on the scale? I simply don’t trust that my body won’t adapt to the lower calorie count and figure a way to keep weight. I also want to see what week 2 of the experiment holds in...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 9

The many faces of reality-altering Scarlet Witch. I saw some reports of “snow grains” in Ottawa. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 9 This 2000 calorie limit has not become easier with time. I was feeling really weird yesterday. The sense of being free of the diet after Sunday’s cheat lasted until about 10:30 AM. Then the mild sense of deprivation kicked in and by lunch time I was desperate and added a piece of chicken. Last night there was a gallery showing for a friend and it was at a brew pub. I shared a beer with my wife...

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