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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 34

Images with lots of Spider people make me feel better. Calgary -26° and “ice crystals”. Yikes. Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 34 I declared yesterday a muffin day. I was so tired and messed up that I ate muffins and then went home to bed. Only to wake up to situational stress from the kid’s school. I didn’t even make it all the way through for a blog post. Yes, it’s going that well. Today I went to Stinky Gym where there were posers, loud talkers, cursing personal trainers, no space to stretch and people not sharing machines. However,...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 32

Black Canary in honour of my wife’s birthday. Snow threatened for Victoria BC. The gardeners will be ticked off. Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 32 It’s my wife’s birthday. I made cheesecake. It’s in the fridge. Honest. Seriously, I’m a mess. I am suffering from a languor (I had to look this one up) that’s leaving me so low-energy that it’s a slog getting through anything. I skipped the gym today because of fatigue and I also plan to walk home (and need the time) so that I can deliver flowers to my wife that are from my sister....

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 31

They’ve been foreshadowing Infinite Crisis for years on the TV. -6° in Twillingate. Not bad. Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 31 In case you needed support for the assertion that it’s a bad idea to go shopping when hungry, I can assure you that it’s a bad idea to go shopping when you are hungry. It was The Attack of the (On Sale) Expensive Tortilla Chips. I mixed it with a lot of meat so that’s OK, right? I also have not had a chance to breath due to work and related issues. Sucks on the diet front. Yoga...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 30

Spider-man Noir is really cool. Victoria BC at -4°. Panic in the streets. Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 30 I have discovered that this long persistent cold has put a barrier around my high intensity workout. I haven’t fully completed one since either early in this phase or late in Phase 8. At the gym yesterday, I wanted to see if I could push past it. It was going better but the SI (sacroiliac) joint complained when I overdid it on a new contraption that simulates you pulling a sled. I stopped and stretched and the SI joint seemed...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 29

A crossover that won’t happen in movies. Vancouver sees winter. -3° Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 29 We start a Monday with a communications challenge. I’m exposing myself with this blog and the journey always includes notes from people that observe that the diet process is stressful and I should find an easier way to do it. In my experience “easy” ways to diet are accompanied by the sales of useless products by snake oil salesmen with a side order of swamp land in Florida. I.e. there is no easy way. I’m committed to that. At risk of exposing...

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