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Author: Robert Ford

Straight forward solution to the strike. Please implement.

I just emailed the text below to the Premier, Minister of Education, the head of the BCTF and the BCSPEA. ————— There’s a straightforward way to solve the dispute between teachers and government. This solution has the benefit of actually helping children, meeting basic goals of both the government and the union. I suspect that the government is being so weird about pay because paying the teachers more does not guarantee better results in the classroom. If a teacher receives an x% raise, it does not improve the classroom outcomes (e.g. numeracy and literacy) without other support. No one...

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Parents are monsters from 9 to 3

I always knew I’d learn a lot being a parent, but this is ridiculous. At time of writing there’s a labour dispute between the BCTF (teacher’s union) and the BC Provincial government (employer). Representatives from each side of the dispute have said their actions are “for the children.” I’m not sure to which children they are referring, but it sure can’t be the ones currently attending school. Maybe it’s some theoretical bunch of children they expect to serve in the future. So, stop saying you’re doing it for the children. Field trips, particularly those at the end of the...

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Arbitration. Now.

I just sent this in email to Clark, Fassbender, Iker and Marchbank. I’d rather be working on real work. Hi, I’m a parent, a PAC Chair and a citizen. I think the whole lot of you are out of your heads. (This is the polite version of what I think.) If you want an agreement that isn’t the result of more legislation, please hire a good mediator and go to binding arbitration right away. You lot ARE harming the children and ARE hurting the parents. And guess what? We can’t do a damn thing. (Unless of course you invite...

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Saving Children from their parents’ own food

It’s a sad day when parents can’t cook food for their own children. Last night at Henry Hudson Elementary, I presided over the death of a hot lunch program provided by the parents of Hudson since the end of World War II. The meeting was our regular monthly PAC (Parent Advisory Council) meeting and the week before the PAC Executive had been made aware of the new improved regulations. See for details. I won’t bore you with the details, but the kitchen facilities (which are good for the day care that operates in the school starting at 3:01...

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Enough with the teachers’ Labour issues

Dear Ms Clark and Mr Fassbender, I think I’m becoming a frequent writer. Just the other day I talked about school board budgets. Now I write to you about the Teachers’ Job Action. Can you please, please, please get a grip on this? I suggest going immediately to arbitration because there’s not a mouse’s chance at Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) Convention that you’ll be able to come to a deal with the court cases against the Province. ( Despite the appeal, these judgments are the 800-pound pink gorilla at the negotiating table that can’t be ignored. Just to be...

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