Here’s my latest email to the Premier and the Minister of Education

Everywhere in the mainstream press I’m reading that your arguments for how you are dealing with arbitration are wrong. You have unethically kept children out of school. Read the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Read the Charter of Rights for this country.

I understand that you want a handle on expenses. I ardently appreciate financial difficulties.

However, you had sufficient time to deal with this problem, even with the difficult-to-manage BCTF. So now you have to pay a penalty. Anything you do that is not having the children back in school tomorrow is wrong. Wrong at so many levels (ethically, morally, legally, and economically).

When school is back in session, whenever that will be, I want Mr. Fassbender to go on a road trip and visit every school in BC and slap some children in the face. Really hard. Then I want parents to sue him for assault.

Are you seeing how bad your actions right now are? The fact you can’t manage the province’s teacher’s union is not an excuse for having children out of school. Your contempt for the education system is evident. Beating down a union is more important that educating children.

Having a problem with the BCTF is one thing; taking it out on the children is another.

Stop this now.