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Spiderman322 So I’m trying not to panic. I’ve booked the trainer. I’ve been to Costco and bought a boat load of protein. (See image below.)

It was funny; I was really looking at this in a price-per-pound mentality. When I looked a chicken there were de-boned, skinless chicken breasts that were triple the price of chicken thighs. I could not image the chicken breasts for a minute having any taste whatsoever.

I’m a believer in two things.

1. Fat does not make you fat.
2. Fat delivered via sliced potatoes will make you fat.

A grumpy article here explains some of the details.

I also didn’t want to do the packaged meat because of the salt, sugar and other preservatives. My friend Jerry is saving my life by cooking the meat for me so I don’t smoke the vegetarians out of the apartment.

The plan is to prep all this stuff, break it into meal sizes, freeze and have it ready for all meals starting March 28th.

More details coming soon. Looks like I can’t back down now. At least I know I won’t starve.

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