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Author: Robert Ford

Beyond Frustrated – Latest Email to Clark, Fassbender and de Jong

If you have an opinion, send it to them here: To Ms Clark, Mr. Fassbender and Mr. de Jong, I am writing to say I am disgusted with the way you three have handled the teacher’s strike. The $40-a-day plan that was announced yesterday was so distressing that I had to write to you again. Apart from the blatant practical issues with the plan (negative tax impact, cost of setting up a site, potential for fraud, utter lack of day care capacity, etc.), the plan sends the wrong signal. It tells me, and most of...

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Response to Premier’s email, citing Einstein

I just emailed back (see previous post) on the response from the Premier’s Office. Please everyone … we have to keep asking that the strike is fixed by Aug 15! Hi, Thanks very much for replying. It makes a difference to know that a single voice can be heard. I’ve been thinking more about the situation and before I prattle on, I want to let you know that my intent is always for a practical solution keeping the views and feelings of all people involved in a zone of mutual respect. My baseline attitude is that it’s unacceptable to...

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School has to start in September – I have a practical suggestion

I was in Ontario and Quebec for family vacation for two weeks. The objective was visiting distant family and friends and exposing my recently-graduated-grade-7 daughter to French outside the classroom. (It was a huge success for her; pity the parents and administration failed to set up a proper FI cultural exchange during the school year. It would have been better.) Naturally during out visit, the topic of the teachers’ strike arose. As I tried to explain the situation (court case, legislated agreements, etc.) the looks on their faces were fairly animated. “You might not have school starting in September?!?”...

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Hudson Grad Ceremony 2014

On Wed June 25, my daughter’s class had a grad ceremony at Kits Community Centre, instead of Hudson, due to the strike/lockout. This turned out to be quite the adventure because the ceremony was basically cancelled and I had not worried too much because I felt there was little I could do. Then I got a call from a dad, who I’ve know since my daughter was 3, who said, “I have a contact with Kits Community Centre and we can hold the grad there. You know lots of the parents and I need your help.” Like any good...

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Just Stop It.

To Clark, Fassbender, Iker, Bacchus and those in your employ. When you increase the MSP rates and cause budget shortfalls, you attack my children. When you deny a French Immersion spot at my local school for my son, you attack my child. When you call a strike, you attack my children. When you slow down the rate of seismic upgrading to schools, especially my child’s school, you attack my child. When your toxic negotiations rub off on my children leaving them cynical, you attack my children. When you attack my children in these ways, you attack me. And I...

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