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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Day 80

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post I figure it was a good day to show Spider-man in the rain. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium on a rainy day. Meteorology is an imprecise science. It started to pour in the time it took me to observe on my “accuweather” app that it was mixed cloud today, look out the window to confirm this, go downstairs and retrieve my bicycle, do a couple stretches and cycle two blocks.Soaked to my toes. Damn you accuweather. I’m having to actively pursue positive thinking because I realized that I have...

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Mutant Diet Day 79

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post This image is a comic now considered old (from 2005) that I own. I guess my comics from the 70s are really old. On this wet Vancouver day, I’m thinking about beach time in Wasaga Beach. It’s not that I’m paranoid, but I don’t like the signs. Or absence of signs. (That no advance green at Main and 12th heading south really sucks.)A cold is still trying to get at me and has made more progress. The right knee swelled slightly after the workout yesterday. Icing worked quickly....

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Mutant Diet Day 78

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post When I feel bummed I like to find covers of comics that I own. This is one of them. Let’s all go to Quadra Island and chill out and look at the ocean. 16 days including today that remain. Two weeks from today is the final measurements.Florida seems to have had a bad go of it. Understatement. And then the tragedy becomes political with people being even more offensive. It makes my little challenges seem small and immaterial. I think today I will try to make the world...

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Mutant Diet Day 77

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post One thing no one mentions is that Civil War was instigated by the bad guy aliens The Skrulls. They shapeshift. Shape shift yourself to Banff! Guess the weight game is here. The blood pressure is sneaking up and I think this is a mind game. The pulse rate settles nicely at 66 now with limited effort. I have yoga tonight and I’m keen to try out some of the small but clever tricks I learned yesterday in yoga therapy. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks and 2 days to go....

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Mutant Diet Day 76

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post This is Captain Marvel in honour of yoga therapy and the fact she’s getting her own movie. Please visit Squamish for your travel needs. Day 76. The sense of hey-I’ve-got-time and the sense of cramming for the final exam are both present.Today is rest day, but with a twist, pun intended. A friend is developing a Yoga Therapy practice and offered — ages ago — to practice on me. I finally had a chance to work with her today. I looked up yoga therapy definitions online and they...

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