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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Day 18

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post Today is Day 18. When I woke my body was pretty much begging not to get on the bike. By the time I was finished my shower, it felt better. The Burrard Bridge did not feel better. The legs were whining.So how far is too much? Yesterday I tried cycling up Fir St between 4th Ave and Broadway. Yeah, that hill did me in. Particularly at the end of the day. But I did not turn into a blue furry mutant. However, I have to do Mary’s Killer...

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The BC NDP and Per Student Funding K-12

During the recent fundraising work done by BC political parties, I started an exchange with the NDP. I said I’d donate if they told me, if elected, to what level they would put per student K-12 funding in BC – when compared to other provinces. In the end they would not commit saying it’s not close enough to the election. I did not donate to them in the end because in the middle of all this budget horror in the Vancouver School District, it seemed wrong for them to either have no position or withhold their position. I’ve put...

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Mutant Diet Day 17

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post I figure The Punisher is a good symbol for this entry. This is from the original Civil War comic book series. Please visit The Bowmanville Zoo this summer. Mary is inventive. The workout yesterday was not what I was expecting as she changed things up when I thought I’d have to do review. The hips seemed to be the target. Step-ups, squats, but the new one was the kettle ball that you swing up to standing, crouch, then swing between the legs. I was thinking it was a...

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Mutant Diet Day 16

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post I’m really looking forward to Suicide Squad, hence Harley Quinn. Right. Food. Exercise. Too much work. Today is Day 16 and I didn’t ride because it’s raining. Now, before all you all-weather cyclists with your fancy Gore-Tex underpants say how great it is to ride in the rain on slippery surfaces, let me just say with confidence (and the deepest respect and care) that you all f__king mental. For me, riding on wet surfaces is as safe a bull elk riding a unicycle with a plastic bag over...

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Mutant Diet Day 15

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post For sponsorship, try the ever changing moods of Ottawa. Mr. Mulcair might have some insight. This is the start of Week 3. Self-perception. I think I’m now 100% certain that anyone on a weight loss program has experienced this: no one notices the changes in your body that you’ve noticed. One does not do this kind of work simply, for example, to have the ability to sit more comfortably in economy class seats. People on a diet want people to notice that your lard no longer spills over...

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