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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet – Planning Continues

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post I am off to Toronto to visit my mother who is in hospital. These kinds of things really throw a wrench in planning as this trip was unplanned. I am adding a superhero image to all postings for no real reason except I like them and they are part of the fitness theme for this 90-day journey. I have worked out a deal with the trainer whose secret identity I will reveal in an upcoming post. Please visit my sponsorship site. Check out Toronto. As a result of...

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De-Lardification Phase I – Planning

De-Lardification and The Mutant Diet De-lardification not a real term, but I like it. This is my first blog post on a new diet/fitness regime I’m going to undertake late March 2016. I am going to try to break a long history of failed attempts. There have been 1,105 Mondays since Jan 1, 1995. This is my estimated number of failed attempts. The good news is that I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t in the diet/fitness world over the years so this time I want to try (cue Monty Python music) something completely different. Concept...

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The 13th egg: Addition of new classroom to Henry Hudson Elementary in Vancouver

This post covers an email exchange between me, private citizen and parent, and Patti Bacchus of the VSB and Mike Bernier, Minister of Education (BC) ————————– To: Patti Bacchus VSB Trustee Honourable Mike Bernier Minister of Education From: Robert Ford Re: Addition of new classroom to Henry Hudson Elementary in Vancouver Date: December 7, 2015 I am writing as an individual parent even though my background with the PAC (past chair and current co-treasurer) has given me visibility to the issues at hand. At the last PAC meeting, parents were informed that a new classroom was going to be...

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2015: Mr. Smith’s Distortion

Download the PDF This story is in honour of my daughter’s school, which is in the middle of a seismic upgrade (due to be completed in 2017), which will also be Canada’s 150th. Sunday May 24, 1964 Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver He could see the glow in the east; it was the pre-dawn glimmer. Exhausted, he sat on a rocky outcrop, not far from the Lighthouse. He was dirty and shivering from his exertions much further up the mountain in West Vancouver. Bryan’s view east to Vancouver was spectacular. He’d come down to the park and, in the dark,...

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Heart chilling Air Canada Christmas Tale

On our flight to Toronto the inflight entertainment system and controls for reading lights as well as controls for J class seats were off. Due to the time of year and cost I wrote a letter. On a barf bag. Other factors included: The fact the chief steward was not allowed to do anything in flight re catering The fact the little promo codes handed out would force me to make individual bookings next time (if there is one) for each of us. We’d already been held up at the gate due to another technical issue making us leave...

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