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Author: Robert Ford

Plan D Day 2

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post Travel to the city that’s always wanted to be New York: Toronto Plan D Day 2 Urgh. I did a bit too much on the first day yesterday. I increased my weights at the gym, and managed to do karate. But today’s thrill is not going to see the surgeon for the hernia. I have been rescheduled until September 20. This means I can go to noon time yoga which might be a good idea as the hips and lower back are tight. The diet had a small amount...

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Plan D Day 1

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post An early travel post that’s still valid. Lighthouse Park. Plan D Day 1 It’s with some sense of OMG that I now undertake the 4th variation of the Mutant Diet, which started in March of this year. I am 30-35 pounds off the mark of 250 that I’m looking for. The weight loss in the previous Plans B and C has been rather glacial, but the changes have been made. I have a new belt that actually holds my pants up. I hate shopping so I’m procrastinating on new...

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Plan C Finale

Plan C Day 1 – Previous Post The ultimate crossover was the Amalgam universe where people like Batman were crossed with Wolverine. Plan C Day Finale Weigh in days are always depressing. For anyone you considering this kind of body correction/de-lardification, brace yourself for a long haul. We’re talking Bonavista NL to Tofino BC on foot carrying a backpack with 10-pin bowling balls. (Yes, please visit the links.) However, I estimated a 3 pound loss and I lost 2.8. This was based on how I was feeling physically and past experience with the Mutant Diet, Plan B and Plan...

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Plan C Day 21

Plan C Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post Batman vs the Incredible Hulk was from 1981 and I never read this one. From the descriptions online, I’m unsure why it was done. Kingston Ontario was pretty lively this weekend, eh? Plan C Day 21 Physiotherapy. I had an appointment this morning and my therapist was slightly amazed that I’d done the homework on the hip and was able to show improvement. I think it must be a frustrating profession because most people don’t do the homework. In my case the homework is a variation on yoga poses...

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Plan C Day 20

Plan C Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post In crossover history in 1978 Spider-man met Superman in a giant oversized comic that I have in storage. Again they ignored the fact they don’t exist in the same universe. Victoria BC is not always in this universe. Check out this tiny park. Plan C Day 20 I guess it’s a good sign when I had to find a smaller belt. The question is, how will any changes I’ve made show up on the % body fat and weight numbers? I am sceptical partly because the scale has been...

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