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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Day 1

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post After all this prep the time has come. Am I able to battle the cravings that are coming or will I simply fold? Given the amount of preparation, I’m not feeling like quitting before I start. I have a lot of frozen meat-and-vegetable meals in the freezer and I’m planning on pulling off this first week. That should develop some momentum. (Batman vs Superman came out this weekend; I want to see it. Also, visit someplace like Wellington, Ontario to boost the love from the sponsor.) The “normal”...

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Mary Casey and a Large Orange Moose

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post I had my Personal Trainer Assessment today. Basically Mary needed to know how far she could push me on this program. Mary works at Steve Nash Fitness World at W. Georgia and Bute, which is one block from my office. The proximity to work of this gym is crucial for the overall success as time is the killer. Mary put me through a cardio test, push up, pull up, chest press, lat pull down, lunges both on and off a bosu ball and tried to stretch out my...

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9 Days before Mutant Diet Kick Off

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post So I’m trying not to panic. I’ve booked the trainer. I’ve been to Costco and bought a boat load of protein. (See image below.) It was funny; I was really looking at this in a price-per-pound mentality. When I looked a chicken there were de-boned, skinless chicken breasts that were triple the price of chicken thighs. I could not image the chicken breasts for a minute having any taste whatsoever. I’m a believer in two things. 1. Fat does not make you fat. 2. Fat delivered via sliced...

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Mutant Diet – Planning Continues

Announcement Post – Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post I am off to Toronto to visit my mother who is in hospital. These kinds of things really throw a wrench in planning as this trip was unplanned. I am adding a superhero image to all postings for no real reason except I like them and they are part of the fitness theme for this 90-day journey. I have worked out a deal with the trainer whose secret identity I will reveal in an upcoming post. Please visit my sponsorship site. Check out Toronto. As a result of...

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De-Lardification Phase I – Planning

De-Lardification and The Mutant Diet De-lardification not a real term, but I like it. This is my first blog post on a new diet/fitness regime I’m going to undertake late March 2016. I am going to try to break a long history of failed attempts. There have been 1,105 Mondays since Jan 1, 1995. This is my estimated number of failed attempts. The good news is that I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t in the diet/fitness world over the years so this time I want to try (cue Monty Python music) something completely different. Concept...

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