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Author: Robert Ford

1985: Time for Christmas

Winston S. Planworthy left his house that morning as he typically did. For work. It was snowing, but because it was 7:30 AM Christmas Eve, it didn’t matter. He enjoyed this particular time of year. Winston attempted to impose serenity on himself regardless of the general horrors of the world around him. The light snowfall assisted his calmness as he walked to work. He always walked; he had played on all the sports teams at school and habitually challenged one of his parents to a tennis match when he had returned home. Driving made him anxious, so he only...

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1984: Christmas Understandings

The expensive car coasted down the hill and made the right hand turn. Andrew gazed at the lights on the numerous outdoor trees used to accent the large homes. One tree was the height of its accompanying three story house and was completely covered with blue, green and red lights. A star rested at the top, blinking steadily. “Look at that tree, Mum … it must’ve been a pain to put all those lights on a tree that size.” “They probably hired someone to do it,” Mother responded from the front seat. Andrew thought that was most likely true...

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