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Author: Robert Ford

Plan D Day 25

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post This is Johnny Quick who is an evil Flash from Earth 3. Time to look at green space near Edmonton: St. Albert. Plan D Day 25 Goodness. I’m better than 25% into Plan D. Yikes. Who new fitness could be so dangerous? I was cycling past Science World. I was passing two guys on two different bikes who were obviously together and they were riding the new bicycle share Mobi bikes and were going slowly. They had to be going slowly if I was passing them. As I was...

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Plan D Day 24

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post This is the Wally West Flash, or Kid Flash. With it almost being October, it’s time to think Whistler. Plan D Day 24 I tried to avoid a late night snack attack with bacon and eggs. I was in the midst of preparing upcoming breakfasts and just decided to cook more. And eat it. I am plagued with doubt. Every food decision seems wrong. I think the cause might be self-sabotage. For example I learned of a co-worker’s health issues and the journey that person faces to correct the...

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Plan D Day 23

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post This is the Silver Age Barry Allen Flash on whom the TV show is based. Speaking of a Flash, what about that Royal Visit to Kelowna? Plan D Day 23 It just keeps coming the challenges. OMG. So I rode home and very rough throat kicked in. Ate questionable things. Eventually went to bed. No, today, just a rough throat. WTF? Bless Victoria my trainer for staying encouraging. I have weigh-in data but it’s in a sealed envelope. My plan is to reveal it with my next weigh-in at...

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Plan D Day 22

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post It’s Flash week. The TV starts season 3 soon and I have 7 different Flash characters to share. This is the Golden Age Flash. Here’s a place I want to go back to. Saint Andrews New Brunswick. Plan D Day 22 So it’s weigh-in day. To mitigate mental strain I am going to get the numbers put in an envelope that will stay hidden until the next weigh-in date. I just don’t feel like any meaningful progress has been made. If any more stress is added, I may say...

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Plan D Day 21

Plan D Day 1 – Previous Post – Next Post This is the last of Captain Marvel’s images. Next week, The Flash! I really want to go to Peggy’s Cove and look at the ocean. Plan D Day N I just returned from the gym and it was terrible. It felt like I was working through molasses and rocks. Lack of sleep? Bad food choices? No yoga class yesterday? (Darn Royals.) I don’t really know. Honestly, I’m quite possibly the closest I’ve been to quitting. This despite the fact I’m totally organized with my food for the next few...

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