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Author: Robert Ford

Enough with the teachers’ Labour issues

Dear Ms Clark and Mr Fassbender, I think I’m becoming a frequent writer. Just the other day I talked about school board budgets. Now I write to you about the Teachers’ Job Action. Can you please, please, please get a grip on this? I suggest going immediately to arbitration because there’s not a mouse’s chance at Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) Convention that you’ll be able to come to a deal with the court cases against the Province. ( Despite the appeal, these judgments are the 800-pound pink gorilla at the negotiating table that can’t be ignored. Just to be...

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Please stop downloading costs to the children of BC

I emailed this to these folks on Easter Sunday 2014. ————— To Ms Clark, Mr. Fassender and Mr de Jong, I am writing to you three regarding funding for Education. I am, honestly, spitting mad and I am working hard to stay focused, logical and professional. I am currently the PAC Chair at Hudson Elementary in Vancouver and I’ve had 5 years in this role and have some experience with the school system beyond just being a dopey parent. I also have met you, Christy, at a child’s birthday at a bowling alley before you returned to politics. I...

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How to control scope of Seismic Upgrading

Dear Mr Fassbender, The recent 8.2 quake in Chile has inspired me to follow up my email from March 30, 2014 with some further suggestions on how to cost-effectively accelerate the seismic upgrading process of BC Schools. I totally understand your hesitation due to the fact a project like this could get out of control on costs very easily. Also, since there’s no way to know when the project has to be done (i.e. when does a big earthquake next occur?) there’s a normal human tendency to defer. I am a project manager and controlling the scope of the...

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Arguing over who pays for Seismic Upgrading

Dear Mr. Fassbender, It is with shock and dismay I read in that you are thinking that school districts now have to pay half of the costs for seismic upgrades. This flies in the face of past commitments by both Premier Campbell and Premier Clark. Plus, this doesn’t make sense. The school boards receive virtually all funding from the provincial government. Therefore to say they have to pay for half of something is like me giving a $5 allowance to my son and then saying he has to pay for half the next plumbing repair bill in...

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Just posted this site to the whole world

It’s kind of exciting. Although my audience is highly friends-and-family, it’s fun to have posted on Facebook this site’s existence. I always publish on December 1 and considering the first story in 1984 was on an IBM Selectric, there’s a bit of magic to the technology change. I don’t think I’m mailing anyone a printed copy this...

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