Wonder Girl, Green Lantern and I’m not sure. On the list: Charlottetown.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 76
OK. That was weird. I had a weekend with some definite use of recreational carbohydrates and I was feeling pretty much like the process was ending. Then I went to the gym today and did a killer high intensity workout. I did the full thing (See http://robertfordfiction.com/mutant-diet-phase-6-day-45/) and had some gas left in my tank.

Not normal. I also am up a level in kettle bell weight from that post. Usually I’m sitting on the bench in the change room imitating a panting fat dog. So what gives? I did yoga last night, which was fairly challenging. And it’s not like I had a ton of extra rest on the weekend.

So as I wind down this phase, I guess I have to follow the direction it wants to go. As nuts as it seems.