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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 56

All the Spider people dealing with the worst bad guys. There’s a bit of sports frenzy in Toronto. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 56 I missed a day of blogging to due an eye test. They put in those nasty drops and blam my eyes were so off kilter I had to lie down for a couple of hours. I didn’t want to go near a computer and, worse, I was so mentally tired I didn’t want to do anything. So I ate ice cream, which came after trying to restrict myself to an all salad day. Now I...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 54

Lady Sif, Captain Marvel and Deadpool. That would be cool. Court cases in BC today. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 54 Chocolate and wine last night. Yum. But back in the saddle and if I’m to recover from the four-day weekend, this weekend will have to be as strict as my normal week days. What was weird, until the chocolate and wine, was how absurdly hungry I was even though the calories were normal and distributed throughout the day. I was waiting for my son and had to grab egg bites at Starbucks to avoid feeling truly terrible. I...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 53

Spider-man and Wolverine, but Spider-man seems to have a different costume. Apparently the George Massey Tunnel in Delta BC turns 60. It’s probably only been a bottleneck for 55 years. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 53 It’s my 21st wedding anniversary today. I’m still on a diet so at least something is consistent. Bad case of hangry last night. That and some gout. I had to throw the emergency anti-inflammatory drug at it, which seems to have helped. None of this helps with being strict on a diet and fitness program. Mentally, the small stuff really becomes big stuff...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 52

This comes from X-Men vs Avengers. Possible in film? Let’s go to Nova Scotia. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 52 Ouch. Yesterday, my body caught on that I’d cut off the flow of high glycemic index foods by about 10:30 AM. My body then decided to produce water at a similar rate to an uncapped fire hydrant. Meanwhile at the gym, I weighed in, but asked the number be held until next week. The trainer then reviewed my high intensity workout. My knee position has gone off so we corrected that. To make overhead ball slams more challenging we...

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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 51

Lots of cool superheroes. Let’s go to PEI. Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 51 Today will be interesting as a super indulgent weekend has just ended. A trainer session is today and the only saving grace is that my right hip seemed to settle down after the yoga class Sunday and a day of rest Monday. I have a new definition for irony. There’s a gelato place near home that is open only during nice weather and it is run by a couple who recognize our family and we are friendly. On Saturday I walked in with my son,...

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