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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 3

Earth 23 is a primarily African American looking variation. The Bahamas is 22° and partly cloudy. Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 3 My inner thighs feel like pastrami rolls. Kind of all chewed up. This is a case where I received what I asked for. I wanted a new intense 30-minute workout that I could do myself. My Trainer tested it on my yesterday. Oi. The workout details are shown below and sadly they just doesn’t look that bad when written down. Today’s yoga class should be slooooooow. New Routine – (high intensity interval training HIIT) 40 second work...

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Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 2

Earth 22 “Kingdom Come” provides us a view of what happens when the core superheroes hit retirement age. I suggest a retirement home in Saint Lucia. Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 2 Day 1 was problem free. I suspect that the warm up week, which was imperfect, let me realize when the weak points in the day would come. 2 PM arriving with the snack attack and the peanut butter was ready. I had a 6 PM meeting and I had food before and used coffee to stave off snack attacks. I had some almonds (au naturel) and bacon...

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Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 1

Earth 21 reminds me of The Incredibles. Speaking of our earth, here’s a breakfast place in Victoria. Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 1 O boy. Here we go. On the weekend my mind convinced me that global warming had destroyed all the wheat and chocolate in the world and I had to eat it all. On the good side, the yoga class last night was much better that the week before if still kind of painful. My hamstrings and quads were not wanting to move. Last week was my warm up week and I was in the gym or...

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Mutant Diet Phase 6 Planning

Earth 19 is a world where the British Monarchy still exists. Mutant Diet Phase 6 Planning Phase 6 is coming. I started this mess on Mar 22, 2016. See To say this hasn’t gone according to plan is an understatement. However, I did a yoga class last night after three weeks of travel and self-indulgence, the pain was incredible. You can’t take three weeks off. Not at age 55 anyway. Maybe age 25. But am I doing anything differently? Last phase I did the bison and removed other foods but I realized that the cost-benefit wasn’t there. When...

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