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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 81

Incredibles 2 was funny. Is Victoria funny-ha-ha or funny-peculiar? Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 81 There’s a new theory to weighing. I am going to weigh and measure but not look at the numbers until I’m happy with my appearance/results as I perceive them. This was really my trainer’s idea. I did warn her not to hold her breath. However, since she and I spoke, I realized what I want is a reduced belt overhang. At this current stage, I have to buy new dress pants because they’re too baggy. I was today looking for a belt notch that...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 78

Terrific Avengers and more montage. Looks like good weather in Edmonton. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 78 I am not getting a cold. I am not getting a cold. I am not getting a cold. Last night I felt something so I went to be early-ish, took all the supplements recommended by my wife. I don’t care if there’s no evidence of effectiveness. If it tricks my mind into producing more of an immune response, bully for me! The blood donation I think taxed the system a little. My throat is a little scratchy so I’m going to take...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 77

Supergirl and Powergirl are kind of the same person from different universes. This image is interesting because Powergirl isn’t as sexy as normal. Burlington? Is that a sexy town? Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 77 I put this into a search engine this morning. “how many calories do you lose when you donate blood”. I was kind of expecting to be told, “don’t be an idiot,” but in the end the first result said 650. I think the muffin I bought to reward myself for being so brave (again for like the 30th time) evens it out. However, due...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 76

Wonder Girl, Green Lantern and I’m not sure. On the list: Charlottetown. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 76 OK. That was weird. I had a weekend with some definite use of recreational carbohydrates and I was feeling pretty much like the process was ending. Then I went to the gym today and did a killer high intensity workout. I did the full thing (See and had some gas left in my tank. Not normal. I also am up a level in kettle bell weight from that post. Usually I’m sitting on the bench in the change room imitating...

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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 75

Wonder Woman and Elongated Man. New customer in Beresford, NB. Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 75 Two weeks from now Phase 7 will be done. I’ll be travelling. Weird. I feel like I barely got going. It’s an odd week when you think you haven’t done much working out, but the moment you touch your bicycle to ride to work, your muscles tell you otherwise. Of course, I went to the gym just now. Now I really feel it. Mentally, I’m tired of the focus on food and exercise. The only practical option is to not think and try...

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