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Author: Robert Ford

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Finale

Big Superhero fight! And a snow fall warning in Vancouver in March? Are you kidding? Mutant Diet Phase 9 Finale I officially declare Phase 9 to have ended early with an utterly inglorious end. It was a complete bust and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Why? Illness and situational stress overwhelmed my self-discipline. How do I fix it? A tough question. Obviously reduce stress. But stuff does pop out of the woodwork and it’s hard to predict. So mitigation has to be key. But how? Illness? Perhaps I should became a hermit and not go...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 58

I want to meditate like Dr. Strange. A balmy -11° in Saskatoon. Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 58 I have no actual hope of succeeding in Phase 9. There are reasons and I don’t know if I care. I know that going back to where I was before is not an option because the strength I’ve developed, I don’t intend to give up. On the mental health front, if I don’t handle my situational stress better, this won’t work at all. I took a baby step of downloading a meditation app and due to technical issues with wireless headsets...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 57

I needed retro today. How can there be pollen in Vancouver when feels like it’s 2°? Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 57 Another restart. I had a close call with a muffin this morning. The panicked thoughts about all the various obligations led to the “screw it” mindset. Which nearly led to a muffin. I had been strict diet-wise for nearly two hours and it seemed incredibly lame to break it now. This week is going to be a situational stress fest due to multiple meetings unrelated to the real job. In two weeks we go to Harry Potter...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 54

Yesterday’s image made me think of if these two teams had ever met. At lot going on in Ottawa, eh? Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 54 I write this post while eating chocolate almonds. I consider them a serotonin food. I am hoping to do a full high intensity workout today. The real issue is keeping the brain calm. There are so many distractions and stress points and I have to ask my noodle to take stuff slowly and not become as distressed. Most of the material is minor. I.e. not health threatening. However if I accumulate all the...

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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 53

I saw a preview for the Doom Patrol TV show. Bonavista is only -3°; It’s almost that cold in Vancouver. Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 53 Let’s talk about blood pressure. He talks about treating it the way I hear artists talk about composing music. I.e. I have no idea what he’s on about. However, I’m in the normal-ish zone and will be on pills until I can reduce my weight and my situational stress. It all sounds so simple. If I complain about the effort it will take, I’m a whiner. If I give up, I’m a loser...

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