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These are the Gotham Sirens, which include the characters Margot Robbie can work with for the movie she’s doing. Go to the Vancouver link and click on something, eh?
Plan D Finale

I’m going to shoot myself into space so that no one can hear me whine.

I just had a moment of clarity. I’m not depressed or angry … I’m embarrassed. As an anglo, that’s a state of mind I can understand.

To celebrate the enormous effort I put in to do nothing but build some muscle, I donated blood today. O Neg. 7% of Canadians have it but everyone can use it!

Regardless of the weight problem, I am very happy with how much stronger I am. I have abdominal muscles that are holding the damn hernia in place and I no longer fear for my lower back. I was scared every day that it would go out. Plus my expensive suit hangs a lot better.

What’s next? First, a renaming. I’m heading into Phases. Phase 1 is done. Now for Phase 2.

Over the holidays, while avoiding too much good food, I will ponder how to set up the correction I need.

See you in 2017.




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