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This is DC’s Enchantress in movie and comic book form. My next series will be these recent comparisons. Why not some comparison BC Shopping?
Plan C Day 12

There’s a good news story on the fitness front I forgot to tell. On Thursday when I rode home from the Chiropractor, I was on Beach Ave and to connect with the Burrard Bridge bike lane, you have to ride up Hornby Street. For those of you familiar with that area of Vancouver, this is a steep block. According to Google Maps it’s 150 m with a 12 m elevation gain. In the past when I tried this block, it was a for sure dismount halfway through.

On Thursday, I dropped the gears way down and hit Hornby from Beach on a right hand turn and just pedalled and pedalled and made it to the top. Yes, I was winded, but nothing like in the past.

Message: if you’re looking for changes in your fitness after protracted trying, you may need to try something you haven’t in a long time and see what happens.

Oddly, I just noticed I only have 10 days left in Plan C. I guess I better plan for Plan D ’cause I know I ain’t done.


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