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I wanted an obscure character, so I thought of Dr. Fate. I found this cover, which I think I have but I bet it’s in rough shape. Check out a Kitsilano article from this weekend.

So, I’m off to physiotherapy after work. What fun. The abdominal muscles are starting to feel better, but I’ve been resting so we shall see.

I managed to ride my bike to work today, which was nice, but the bike shop when they repaired my ride took the lock off and kept it. D’oh!

The small irksome things that happen on a Monday. However, it could be more like cycling in Toronto. No parts of my Vancouver ride are like Don Mills and Sheppard.

What’s a bit bothersome is that I will have to do Plan C once back from a trip to Toronto next week because I doubt Plan B is going to tell me much. My riding numbers are so low it’s not a real comparison to the original Mutant Diet.

However, there’s a lot of meat and salad between now and Friday’s weigh-in.



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