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This is the Elseworlds Supergirl and Batgirl. I want to read that alternative universe arc one day. Let’s all go to Halifax for the summer!

This may sound odd but I think “hangry” is a real thing. This is the term that people use when they become hungry, don’t realize it, become observably grumpy and irritated. Hangry.

So that was Wednesday. There were other irksome professional things going on but, when chicken and salad were hoovered up, things felt better.

However, I learned later in the day that hernias and yoga triangle poses do not mix.

Tomorrow at noon is my final weigh-in for this 12-day Plan B experiment. But with so many unexpected twists, I almost feel like not bothering. However, it will give me a point-in-time measurement to make sure I don’t backslide when travelling.

It will also provide the point forward for Plan C, which I may entitle “De-lard without de Hernia”.


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