Big Superhero fight! And a snow fall warning in Vancouver in March? Are you kidding?

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Finale
I officially declare Phase 9 to have ended early with an utterly inglorious end. It was a complete bust and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

Why? Illness and situational stress overwhelmed my self-discipline.

How do I fix it? A tough question. Obviously reduce stress. But stuff does pop out of the woodwork and it’s hard to predict. So mitigation has to be key. But how?

Illness? Perhaps I should became a hermit and not go near my children so as not to pick up wonderful germs. Neither likely nor practical.

There’s also the advice from diet experts that says the eating has to be sustainable. I think I know what I have to eat to maintain, but I need to have a longer period of focus to actually lose, given how stubborn my body is.

When I start Phase 10 after March Break, I am considering the following (in no real order)

  • Fast 8 PM to 8 AM
  • Package and plan the food for the week in advance
  • Reduce calorie target to 2000
  • Meditate daily
  • Keep the meat-and-vegetable eating style as everything else disagrees with me.
  • Supplements
  • 3 L of water
  • Maintain the strength training and hopefully do some cycling, if the weather ever cooperates!

And I’ll probably need predictable counselling. There’s a mental block I have to go after.

Sigh. What a pain.

I am ending this early not so much because it failed, but because I have so much on my to do list, it’s not funny. I am trying to stay on track diet-wise and then on our trip not go crazy.

See you in the spring.