I’m having trouble with nightmares so I thought of Dream Girl. Tricky finding something not NSWF. Regina, -23°

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 45
The numbers on the sheet show a pretty good estimated calorie count. Although I think the Fitbit has a minimum calorie burn for people as this number seems fairly familiar. Oh, well, it’s the data I have. I could feel the benefits of not eating as much that’s as rich and skipping wine was OK.

The trick is to have the mind linger in the space where such a change is positive.

The stress levels are always pushing to go to so called comfort food. (“So called” because too much causes gastric trouble and is hardly comfortable.)

Today I have more stressful meetings but I want to see if I can just stay on course with the diet. I have a meeting that makes me miss yoga so I’m not sure. I might be able to hit the gym at the end of the day, will power willing.