Margo Robbie has a Birds of Prey movie in the works. It’s near Houston BC that there is new gas pipeline controversy.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 3
Gosh, Day 2 was a bigger diet train wreck than Day 1. One thing I forgot about was the phenomenon known as hunger-caused-by-pain. By the time I was done my high intensity workout, my chest was really sore. I had a rushed lunch and by 2 PM I was eating Chinese food (just protein) and when I got home I over cooked a bagel for a family member and ate it. The rail bed for the diet train was crumbling and the last of the chocolate was eaten.

It’s hard to imagine today being worse. But what this does confirm to me is that the first full week after the Christmas/New Year break is brutal and should not be underestimated.

Another odd thing is that I spent the entire day trying to do a Fitbit firmware update, which led to me having no readings.

And my muscles are still sore. Thank goodness only yoga is planned.