A crossover that won’t happen in movies. Vancouver sees winter. -3°

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 29
We start a Monday with a communications challenge. I’m exposing myself with this blog and the journey always includes notes from people that observe that the diet process is stressful and I should find an easier way to do it.

In my experience “easy” ways to diet are accompanied by the sales of useless products by snake oil salesmen with a side order of swamp land in Florida. I.e. there is no easy way. I’m committed to that.

At risk of exposing myself to further ridicule, I have almost three years of data that show my body is resistant to easy weight loss, regardless of how I restrict calorie intake, what type of diet, etc. The assertion made by many that exercise alone does not always lead to weight loss I have illustrated to be true. At least for me. However, I do enjoy the increase in strength.

When it comes to stress, I think perhaps the stress associated with some exceptional goings-on, which are utterly unrelated to diet/fitness, may in fact be subtly related; there is only a small amount of energy for an individual’s stress management and willpower. In other words (one example only) dealing with the shit from the kids’ schools eats into my ability to concentrate on, plan and execute a strict diet.

The goal for this week? Accept that stressful things have to be dealt with, but try to do so with calm and aplomb. And stay away from the fucking chocolate and refined carbohydrates.