I was pretty surprised Black Panther got a best movie nomination. 2° in Lunenberg today. Not bad.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 21
Another day, another dietary restart. The stress has dropped a little and I might be able to kick off the week. I have supplies. There’s nothing that unexpected difficulties can’t totally mess me up. I had a nightmare in which I was in a RV and it went over an embankment into water. In Australia. My family was stuck in water and I could get out but the people I asked for help said that no one responded to that kind of call and they all wondered how my rental insurance would work in such a case. It was one of those dreams in which you woke up, tried to change position and go back to sleep, but it kept on coming.

I don’t like excuses for diet fails. What I like even less is being in situations that inspire me to make excuses.