I’m trying to catch up on my Green Arrow on TV. It’s filmed in Vancouver.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 74
For a moment there, I thought this would be OK. But yesterday the fatigue kicked in. I had to go home and have a nap. The yoga class was weird because poses were difficult due to weakness in shoulders. Lots of strength elsewhere, but you need it all to hold these poses.

And the sense of “What’s the Point?” is huge. The mirror still does not show me what I want. I would bet serious dollars at the final weigh-in for this phase the numbers will be kind of meh. No doubt there’s progress but the goal feels unattainable. And what is the goal? I won’t be what I looked like at 25 ever again nor will I look like what I wanted to look like when I was 25.

An effort to align expectations to reality is needed.