There was a fire in Stanley Park. Thank goodness it wasn’t a couple of weeks ago.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 6
Yesterday had some odd things. I was super tired by the time my Friday evening chores were underway. I had done the right thing and eaten before shopping, but both my son and I got hungry so we grabbed a slice of pizza. I ate nuts later along with wine. I was not in pain so much as weary.

Even with the wine, the calorie count was under the 2500 limit. This morning despite a little more rest, I am a grumpy bear. I went to a different gym to try to do a light workout but the place was busy and organized differently. I couldn’t tell whether my negative feelings were justified or simply the result of the stress of change to a routine.

It’s rainy, my head is foggy and I’m sore all over.

Ain’t diet/fitness grand?