Wonder Woman clobbers Green Lantern. I haven’t been to Campbell River in years.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 46
Argh. Food is annoying. I picked up my daughter from a choir practice and she hadn’t eaten. She wanted pizza. So we stopped at a place that sold us a medium for the price of a small and of course I sit in a car with fresh pizza.

I think I’d have more self-control were Salma Hayek to ask me out on a hot date involving chocolate sauce.

Now I have to quell the self-berating voices in my head. Terrific. I have better things to do.

So, once again, today I set the new intention to have a clean, on-plan day.

I do have a weight lifting session planned. Yesterday’s yoga class was like moving bricks through molasses, an interesting side-effect of the hard Tuesday workout.