I thought this New Avengers image looked cool. I need to catch a sunset from Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver to relieve stress.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 38
The upshot of reviewing all my recent measurements is that since Sept 11, when I started Phase 8, I have lost an inch in the waist and the chest but only .2 pounds.

Let’s be frank, I handled it well, but all the voices from childhood that talk about how I must have done something wrong to have failed to lose weight worked at me until my behaviour went sour later that evening. Now I get to add shame to the list of negative feelings.

But I did amuse myself by thinking in a Samuel L. Jackson voice to represent my body’s well documented tendency to keep weight. “What did I tell you, mother-fucker? I do not give up weight. Do what the fuck you want with calories-in and calories-out and your non-fat, keto, gluten free mother-fuckin’ diets. I keep weight, plain and simple. I keep it as fat, muscle or water and I sure as hell do not give any away.”

If it matters, my personal trainer is proud of me – except maybe my use of language.