I was trying to find a 90s/2000s image but this really old one came up. I wonder if it’s worth trying to hide in Squamish.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 26
The good news is I need to take my belt to the shoe repair place so they can put a new hole in it. The bad news is I weakened last night and had a wine/snack attack. Despite this, my calorie estimate was still below my Fitbit’s estimate of calories burned.

My workout was pretty intense. I managed four sets of six exercises with fairly high (for me) weight setting. I really should not say this, but the reduction in belt size makes me think this phase seems to be faster than last. Although really, why do I lose weight off everywhere I don’t care about first?

I’ve been tinkering with the plan, e.g. better calorie counting and heavy weights. But how do you know what is changing the system?

No matter. It’s Thanksgiving weekend soon and I’m thankful.