I’m going to work through Teen Titans phases. It’s not raining in Tofino, oddly.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 23
It’s with some sadness I have to admit that chocolate almonds is a decent pain reliever.


The cold has not let go either and my daughter had a sore throat and fever last night. I remain pessimistic about my sanity.

Odd thing about workouts. It’s taken over two years to feel a significant change. When I went to the gym yesterday I did not feel like going. I went with the assumption of doing 1/3 of the high intensity workout and managed 2/3. Less than I wanted, but more than I expected.

My muscles start activating as soon as I do a couple of warm up stretches. They are now conditioned to expect work coming. I’m feel like (not sure if this is real) that I’m getting more out of my workouts.

This is a strange voyage, that’s for sure.