OK. It’s obvious why I picked this picture. I have a new client in Arnold’s Cove NL.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 20 Again
Yes, Day 20 twice. I skipped a number back on Day 14. Ugh; I can’t even count.

Yesterday felt like a more than 2500 calorie day. Maybe I’m missing something. It was a classic Run Out of Proper Food and Eat at Costco mistake. The cold is not helping.

Today I did a visit to the gym near where my son dances and it was busy with loud talkers and I just didn’t feel like it. However, my theory is that the muscles need to be reminded pretty much daily that more lifting is coming. My thinking is that the signals that are sent need the repetition to encourage muscle growth. However, with a cold, bah humbug.

The one benefit of feeling the strength training at work is that it motivates you to try not to eat the wrong things.