More Avengers vs X-Men. Ottawa was in the news for scary reasons.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 17
Yeah, well, yesterday was OK until emotional eating and drinking happened. I thought the calorie count was low and then I realized I forgot the wine. Whoopsie.

I want to bring your attention to a new situation called size-shaming. Not entirely fat-shaming as there’s a certain amount of muscle involved.

I was trying to track down a blood pressure monitor that would accommodate my arm. I’m an “extra large cuff.” The large cuff ends at 17″ and I’m 45 cm around my left bicep, with is 17.2″. No wonder my current device is not matching what the cardiologist measured.

It took a lot to find one online and has one for about $150! Sheesh. Regular ones are a lot cheaper. I phoned a local medical supply place and they don’t even have it in stock.

I can’t imagine what kind of device they use on Dwayne Johnson.