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Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 2

Day 1 was a success in that I did what I said I was going to do.

How easy do you think it is to measure calories? It’s much harder than it looks and it’s not as definitive as it sounds. I see why Weight Watchers went to a points system a while back.

For example, chicken thighs. To determine the calories, do you consider precooked weight? Bone-in weight? Is it with or without skin? What kind of seasoning did you use? Was it fried or baked? These matter to the calorie count.

As you will see in the chart below I had to make some assumptions and I used multiple sources to try to figure out what was worth what.

I also looked up what my calorie intake should be. I found a site that told me that I should be able to lose weight with 2500 calories per day. My estimated total from yesterday? 2508.

I am hoping that if I can keep to 2500 calories, maintain my fitness regime and avoid refined carbs and sugars, I might finally make progress.

This Mutant Diet has not gone the way I expected yet, so forgive me if I moderate my hopes.